The Mystery of Yeshua, the man we call Jesus

The Mystery of Yeshua: The Man we call Jesus Christ

  1. Introduction
  2. Birth and Death solar mysteries
  3. Mysteries of the Magi
  4. Messiah: The Anointed One
  5. Lessons from his life
  6. The Mother of God
  7. Sons of God and the resurrection of the dead


The mystery of the Incarnate Son of God is not something which can be fully covered within one blog post; however, as I am about to begin a blog series which explores the mysteries we can find within the Bible, this post will serve as an introduction to the New Testament portion of that study.  In addition, anyone who reads this post alone should still come away with some new insight into the man we call Jesus Christ, Yeshua, and what it means that he is the Messiah.

I encourage you to keep following this blog for more in depth information, and also to study more on your own.  Read some texts on Christian Cabbala and Jewish Kabbalah, and compare them to the Gospels.  Read about Zoroastrianism, Egyptian and Greek mystery traditions, and other religions of the region and time in which Yeshua was born.  Above all, read the Gospels, especially the canonical Gospels, but also the Gospel of Thomas.  Remember to pray before you read and seek God’s wisdom.  In fact, if you haven’t taken a moment to pray before reading this blog post, I highly encourage you to take a few minutes to do so right now, and then click “Continue reading” below.

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