Rebellion in Heaven: Angels behaving badly; the inside story

I have to admit that I’ve been hesitant to write this post.  I do truly feel led by God to actually write it, but doing so means I have to walk a very fine line.  See, I’m only allowed to reveal so much, and even writing this post reveals some things I thought I’d never reveal while on Earth.

Before we begin, you need to understand something about the nature of angels.  Angels have a form of free-will, but it is not really like ours entirely.  They know God in a way we cannot currently know God, the ones closest to Him are least capable of rebellion, because though they have free will, they see God’s Awesomeness and know His Will is ultimate.  Quite plainly, they see how foolish it would be to rebel against God; absolutely no good can come of such an action.  Nonetheless, even one from the highest choir saw reason to rebel, and because his position was so high he fell the hardest.

The purpose of this post is to cover the backstory which you don’t get in any other text on Earth.  Those who know me best will understand from where I get this information, but simply put it comes from an eyewitness who still has God’s favor.  Thus, the purpose of this post is NOT to defame God in any way shape or form.  That said, I have tried to keep it as unbiased as possible without disrespecting the God whom I love so much.

*note: I refer to God as “Him” only so as to not say “it” when referring to God.  God is beyond the concept of gender and is the source of all genders, so neither “Him” or “Her” is correct, and “Their” doesn’t quite seem right either.

Choirs of angels in Heaven

I will not delineate all of the choirs of angels in this section, but you will better understand this post if you know something about the different choirs of angels.

First of all, there are traditionally 9 choirs, but that doesn’t even begin to cover it.  There are 9 primary choirs which deal with Earth and its creation.  In addition to the Sephirot, who are not usually listed as one of those choirs, there are at least dozens of other choirs which are related in various ways.

The second thing to understand is that it’s not entirely hierarchical, but it is organized hierarchically to some extent.  That is, the Archangels, who are closest physically to the Presence of God, do rule over many different choirs of their own, but some choirs are almost autonomous.

The “semi-autonomous” choirs are still 100% under the Dominion of God, and He rules over them; however, they do not have an Archangel specifically over them.  Instead, they have different ways of organizing their ranks.  That said, they do report to an Archangel and are in communion with all of the Archangels.

The biggest differentiation between choirs is physical closeness to God.  All angels are within His Presence to some extent or another, as are human beings right here on Earth.  However, those who are drawn in closer to the Source of His Presence and Power are, as I said earlier, least able to rebel against God and also tend to wield the most power.

One thing traditional (little “t” in “tradition”, meaning it’s not an official teaching of the church) Catholic teaching about angels gets right is that Guardian Angels are of the choir which is farthest from the Source, at least as far as angels any human will likely ever deal with.  Interestingly, despite being farthest from the Source, Guardian Angels are almost incapable of rebellion against God because they are such angels of Love.   Of course, I’m not counting fallen angels, which we’ll cover in later sections.

Another thing to understand about angels before proceeding is that some of them were once incarnated beings.  That is, they were once in a physical or semi-physical form, though they were not created in the Image of God in the way humans were.  Some of them still retain those forms, while others have taken on more ethereal and “spiritual” forms. Humans are not destined to be angels in the same sense as any of the current choirs, because humans are a new kind of creation.  Nonetheless, some angels even today DO have physical form, or at least semi-physical, despite what the Catholic and some other churches teach.

So, now that you understand a little about the nature of angels, you can relate a little more to the rest of this post.

The First Fall: War in Heaven

Not every rebellion of angels ended in all out war in Heaven, but the first one certainly did.  The reason it ended in war, and of course victory for God, is because the angel who rebelled was a general, and the chief of an important choir of angels.  Most of you know a version of this story from the Bible, but it is only vaguely referenced in order to insult a Babylonian minor king.

People often mistake this fallen one for the Tempter of humans, but that’s not entirely accurate.  It would be more accurate to say that the Tempters of humans (more than a thousand) work on that side of the equation in the experiment which is humanity.  I am not allowed to say more about the Tempters, because I do not deal directly with their kind in my work; it’s not part of my assignment here on Earth.

People often teach that Pride was the great sin which caused the fall, and to an extent it is true.  See, this angel, whom I shall not name, was incredibly close to God, and the whole thing started with him thinking he knew better than God.  God wanted to do certain things with creation which this angel thought were cruel, and he began to hate the more physical beings which were being created even before humans were around.  Being so close to God, he knew that he was infinitesimal in power and understanding compared to the Divine, yet he dared to question God’s plan anyway.

The other Archangels tried to explain it to him.  They showed him the math, but he refused to understand or accept it.  They tried explaining how the suffering would lead to growth in new ways, but he wouldn’t accept it.  Bitterness set into his heart, and he started convincing other angels to stand with him to report to God their grievances.

Now, God is absolutely not unreasonable.  He is actually quite patient, and willing to listen to His angels and other creations.  However, one has to approach Him in the right way.  One has to show that one is willing to ultimately go by God’s Will.

This angel did pretty much the opposite.  See, so much bitterness dwelt in his heart over his disagreements, that he had riled up the angels who supported him into an angry mob who wanted to go demand that God do things differently.  They were self-righteous, and thought that they were somehow on the side of good despite opposing the Source of all Good.  They thought that they needed to remind God of who He Is, and that was a major mistake.  God’s nature is absolutely incorruptible.

Even to this day, no angel in Heaven is entirely sure how an Archangel became so corrupted, but they stormed into the Presence and raged against God’s plans.  The angel who fell said that God’s plans were unacceptable, and God said He would not change His plans.

Then the angel brought the backup plan to God’s attention.  See, he and the angels who followed him had met and discussed what they would accept.  If God would not change His plans, they wanted to have their own Universe, or at least their own section of this one.  They agreed that first they’d ask for it and plea, but if God did not acquiesce they would go to war for it.

Of course, God knew their plans, and their arrogance enraged Him.  He denied them their request, so they went to war to try to claim a third of Heaven for themselves.

Angels cannot be killed, so the war was futile from the beginning.  The best they could do is combine their power to try to take over part of Heaven, and part of the physical world.  They could not keep God out of any part of Heaven, and they barely managed to keep other angels out of that section for a while.  The one who led the fall thought he could “reprogram” part of Heaven by changing the equation, but it proved far more sophisticated than even all the angels in Heaven combined could understand if they could make their minds work as one (and they can to some extent.)  He couldn’t even begin to unravel any of it, much less make changes to it.

Of course, most of us know the story about Michael the Archangel, and how he stood up for God and kicked that angel and his ilk out of Heaven.  Michael said, “Who is like unto God!” because no angel should dare to think he can know better than the Will of God.  No angel should dare to say that they can make a better creation than God, and certainly no angel should be foolish enough to rebel.  Thus, Michael used the Power of God which he wielded, the Holy Name itself, and cast that angel from Heaven.

Because of the way they had joined together as one, casting the one angel out from Heaven caused all of those who stood with him to also be cast out.  See, they had tried to mimic the power of Trinity to become a lesser form of god by uniting their powers in a perverse mathematical formula.  Thus, joined by that formula, they were all cast out as one whole.

God was not entirely merciless to them, but they no longer have a place in Heaven.  There are a few angels who believe that at least some of those who fell in this war could be raised back again to Heaven, but most do not think it is at all possible for them to be redeemed because they have been so long outside of the Presence and have hardened their hearts beyond measure.

All of the angels of Heaven weep in great sadness over the memory of these events, because one of the greatest of them fell so hard, and many of their kin along with the fallen one.

The Second Fall: Garden of Eden

This story is, in part, covered in Islamic literature, where it is mistaken as a competing story to the War in Heaven; the first fall.  Below is the background and full story, as much as I am allowed to tell.

When God had created the Heavens and the Earth, the angels heard that He was putting in a creature who would be called Children of God.  Naturally, they thought He intended to grant the Bene Elohim (a choir of angels whose name can be translated as “Children of God”) a physical form in His Image, and uplift them.  They were all congratulating the Bene Elohim.

When the news came down that God would be making an entirely new creation, and that this new creation would be destined to be higher than any of the angels, some of them balked at the idea.  They were sad for the Bene Elohim, and they were not happy about having to bow down to physical beings and serve them as if they’re serving God (though never against the Will of God.)

The Bene Elohim themselves were humble about it.  God granted them a boon, and allowed them to have the ability to take on a physical form for a time whenever they willed it.  He gave them an exalted role serving human beings for the first several thousands of years of human existence.  They would be closest to humans compared to any of the angels.

Some who balked were allowed to repent, and became a lower choir of angels; many of them guardian angels who now love human beings and God.  Others, did not repent, and were cast out of Heaven.  Of those cast out of Heaven, a few did repent before entirely being out of the realm of the Presence of God, and were allowed to take on adversarial roles with the understanding that mankind would one day lovingly rule over all angels.

In this case, they didn’t come to God demanding anything, but it was still Pride which caused them to fall.  Thankfully, it didn’t divide Heaven as much as the first fall did, but it did change the equation of creation slightly.  Of course, God was prepared for it and knew how He intended to adjust the equation when it happened.

The Third Fall: Bene Elohim

This story is covered in part in Genesis chapter 6, and in more detail in the Book of Enoch.  However, the Book of Enoch was written to teach hidden truths, not to tell a literal history of what happened with the Bene Elohim.  In addition, it does not cover their side of the story.  This section will cover their side of the story, as well as clear up some misconceptions about the ultimate fate of the Bene Elohim; things have changed since that book was written thousands of years ago.

You remember from the last section that the Bene Elohim did not fall at the Garden of Eden, and instead remained humble and were allowed to work closest with humanity.  They were even able to take on physical forms, which other angels who work with Earth rarely can do.  Of course, some angels are always physical beings, but the Bene Elohim were granted this ability as a boon for their loyalty.  Unfortunately, it is this close connection to humanity which caused their fall, because they started to question God’s plan and their role in it.

They began by thinking they were helping God, or at least convincing themselves that they were, by teaching humans some of the secrets of Heaven.  They figured that they could advance human civilization at a faster rate, and would be rewarded for their ingenuity and speeding up the plan.  God tolerated it, but wasn’t entirely happy with it.

Then, they got the bright idea that they could speed up human evolution (humans are still evolving) by taking on a physical form with a male gender and mating with human women.  Typically it is the males of a species which passes on most genes for aggression, so they thought they could toy with genetics enough to make a perfect human form.

Unfortunately, the mixing of their skewed genetic with human genes had unforeseen consequences, at least unforeseen to them, and created a race of giants.  You know those giants by the name, “Nephilim,” but there were many names for them throughout the world.

These Nephilim were a ferocious people for the most part.  While some of them became scholars and spiritual leaders, the vast majority of them realized how much greater they were than other humans and began to conquer them, enslave them, or demand worship from them.  Many of them became god-kings, and many others started eating human flesh and demanding human sacrifices.  Human sacrifice didn’t exist in religion until the Nephilim came to be.

Of course, that was the last straw for God.  God set about to wipe out the Nephilim, and the Bene Elohim were punished severely.  Many people believe that God sent the flood to wipe out the Nephilim, but that’s not entirely true.  The flood was a timed event which was set to happen at the end of the last ice age (much earlier than implied in the Bible,) but God did know that the flood would time out with the infestation of the Nephilim.  Nonetheless, not all of them were destroyed in the flood, and a campaign to wipe them out by war and outbreeding (mixing their genes further with humans, which seems counter-intuitive but is actually genius) kept going for centuries.  One of these wars in recounted in the Bible/Torah in the Book of Numbers chapters 13 and 14 (that one didn’t end well for the Israelites because of their disobedience to God.)

The Bene Elohim were cast into a lake of fire, because angels cannot die. There they were intended to dwell forever as fire spirits.  Some became Djinn, while others were humbled and repented.  Those who repented were allowed to incarnate as humans, without any special abilities other than some of their knowledge from Heaven and an innate love for God.  They now serve humans and earn a separate reward, but one which will still put them in a higher place than they were before they rebelled.

Some say the Bene Elohim mated with human women out of pure lust, and that’s the official story given in the Bible and the Book of Enoch.  Perhaps there was a bit of lust there, or at least jealousy that humans would have it better and a desire to become a part of it.  However, the primary motivation wasn’t lust, though it’s understandable that a human retelling of the story would focus on that aspect.  Many humans have forever feared that some “other” wants their women, because it reflect their own lust for the women they fear being taken by an “other.”

Yeverechecha Yahweh panav eleycha viyaseym lecha shalom!  Amen.

May God shine His Face upon you and grant you His Peace!  Amen.








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