Angelic Companion

Whether or not you have yet to read my first book, “An Angelic Journey Within,” this guide will serve as a brief discussion of some of the main themes within each chapter.  Of course, you’ll have to read the book to get every mysticism teaching, and to get the whole meaning conveyed within the book.  However, whether to whet your appetite to read the book, or to serve as a companion as you read it, I hope you will learn much from this article.   Of course, there will be a few minimal spoilers, but I will strive to keep them to a minimum and instead focus on the themes.

I encourage those of you who have read the book to add your comments about other themes, along with any questions you have about this book.

The questions for discussion in this document are intended either for group discussion or to answer for yourself.  Feel free to answer them in a comment to this post, as well as on my Facebook author page.  Of course, if you prefer you can just consider them for yourself, but I think you’d benefit even more from discussing it with others who read the book.  I encourage you to ask your friends and family to read the book as well and discuss the questions with you.  Share your copy, put a copy in their Christmas stocking, hand them one at work, or just tell them how much you loved it and think they should download it or purchase the paperback and read it.

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