An Angelic Journey Within

Elijah BenJared just turned 40 years old, and just became a grandfather.  In the Kabbalah tradition his uncle follows, this means he is just now qualified to enter into the study of the mysteries of Judaism; in his case, Messianic Judaism, because he also believes in Yeshua the Messiah, whom others call Jesus.   However, on the evening when he was to begin his studies, his life was changed by an encounter with an angel.

Through the next chapters, Elijah meets all of the Archangels, as well as spiritual figures from Hopi, Lakota, and Hindu folklore and spiritual teachings.  He learns the mysteries of the universe, and about the connection between all people who seek the path of love.  While learning about creation, the secrets of the angels, and the other mysteries he is taught, he also learns at least as much about himself and his own destiny to change the world.  Who will join him on his journey to change the world?   Find out more by purchasing the book at Lulu

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“Awakening Mama Sarah” Now available for purchase through the author’s lulu page!  

 Sarah Andersdotter is a half Lakota and half Norwegian, Wiccan, diner waitress living in northern Minnesota.  Her life since leaving her abusive ex-husband has been mostly uneventful, and she kinda liked it that way.  However, things rarely stay static for too long, and her life was about to be turned upside down.

Sarah meets figures from ancient Norse and Lakota spiritual traditions, her Wiccan spirit guide,  as well as figures from Christianity and Judaism and others.  These figures guide her through a journey through her past, facing demons which were holding her down and keeping her soul from flying.  Join her in this upcoming sequel to, “An Angelic Journey Within,” as she learns of her destiny which will change the whole world!   What role will Elijah play in her destiny, and will anyone else be involved?

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